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Plumes of smoke coming from under your car's hood cause alarm, and for a good reason. The smoke and burning smell emanating from your vehicle are a good indication that there is a problem with the engine or the car's cooling system. An overheating engine can cause serious damage to other parts of your vehicle, and it can also translate to expensive repair bills. Therefore, if you suspect an engine problem, contact a qualified technician to look at your car and make necessary repairs as soon as you can.

Water Pump Failure

One part of the car's cooling system that can lead to engine overheating is the water pump. The water pump produces the pressure required to send coolant fluid throughout the cooling system. The water pump can develop several problems that interfere with its ability to provide the right amount of coolant fluid through the cooling system. Cracks and leaks can develop in the water pump itself or its related parts. The water pump also has a belt that can wear out and break, which causes the pump to stop working.

Cooling System Leaks

The cooling system has many different parts, ranging from hoses and belts to the head gasket, heater core, and other components. Any of those components are subject to breaking or wearing out with age, which means that they cannot keep the engine cool. If the cooling system springs a leak in one of its hoses, the coolant fluid that is supposed to circulate through the cooling system drains out of the vehicle instead. Although a leaking cooling system is a serious problem, you might be able to detect the situation in the early stages if you see pools of greenish or blue-colored liquid under the car. The cooling system can also produce a sweet smell if there is a leak.

Radiator Problems

Your car also has a radiator that helps move coolant fluid out of the engine, which in turn regulates the engine's temperature. The liquid that gets stuck in the engine is subject to overheating, raising the engine's temperature. The radiator's accompanying fans might stop working effectively, causing the engine to operate at a higher temperature than normal. Debris can also enter the system and clog the fans, which then makes them stop working. The fans are also subject to wear and tear from everyday use.

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