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Honda vehicles have a reputation for lasting a long time, but you don't want to break that streak! Regardless of what type of Honda you drive, you'll want to ensure it gets the best possible care if something goes wrong. While you probably can't diagnose and fix a broken part yourself, you can at least bring the car to a reputable mechanic who will use only the best possible components.

If you come to our dealership your car will get Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Whether you need brakes, lights, hoses, or other parts, OEM parts are the preferred choice of reputable dealerships for their reliability, high quality, and safety. We have a vast assortment of OEM parts in our service shop, which means that no matter how minor or extensive your car's issue, we can take of it quickly.

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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

OEM Parts are Higher Quality

When a part in your car breaks, you have two options for parts to fix it. These are OEM parts and aftermarket parts. OEM parts are the only ones used by dealerships. They go through a rigorous inspection process to ensure that they fit like the original part and are built to the same level of quality. When you look at them, they will look identical to the parts that came with the original car. The alternative is aftermarket parts.

On the other hand, aftermarket parts are designed to fit many different makes and models. They are often used by independent repair shops who attract customers with the lower price point of aftermarket parts. But this reduced price, unfortunately, also means reduced quality.

A Long History of Support

OEM Brakes and Parts

When you drive away with an OEM component in your car, you will have peace of mind knowing that it comes with some level of protection in the form of a warranty. Like manufacturers stand by the cars they produce, they also stand by the parts that they manufacture. The warranty that is offered on your OEM part varies based on the company that made it and the type of part it is. Some companies also give you the option to purchase an additional extended warranty.

If you choose an aftermarket part, you do not get coverage from a warranty, which means you run the risk of having to foot the bill for a replacement part if it breaks again.

Proper Fit and Ease of Replacement

Easy Brake Installations

When you come to our service shop for an appointment, your car will leave with a part that is identical to the original one that needed to be replaced. You don't have to worry about whether the part will fit, whether it will match in color, and whether it will affect your car's performance. A part that comes from the manufacturer is certified to be identical, down to the blueprint, to the original component. Alternatively, an aftermarket part has a much more generic fit. It can take awhile to find a suitable replacement part for the original, which can cause aggravation for your mechanic, and it can cost you valuable time and money!



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