2021 Honda CR-V Rear Side Exterior

How Often Should I Service My Honda CR-V?

From time to time, your Honda CR-V needs to have maintenance performed to ensure its parts do not have problems or become a safety issue. Service for your CR-V technically begins at 7,500 miles, which is when your vehicle has its first oil change. The tires also get rotated at the same time that the oil gets changed. Both services will be repeated at 15,000 miles, which is when your vehicle is due for the first of several Honda CR-V service intervals. No matter which service milestone is approaching, it's essential to follow the exact Honda CR-V maintenance schedule located in the owner's manual of your car.

15,000-Mile Service

Your car will need just minimal services performed when it reaches the first mileage checkpoint, 15,000 miles. Your Honda CR-V will have its oil levels checked, and a mechanic will evaluate the oil condition. The engine oil will be changed at the very least, and the engine filter may be cleaned or replaced as well. The car's tires will be rotated at 15,000 miles. A mechanic will also make sure they have enough air, and they are not worn unevenly.

30,000-Mile Service

The Honda CR-V is next due for service at 30,000 miles. When the odometer reaches 30,000 miles, your car will have another tire rotation and engine oil change. The Honda may have an alignment as well. The brakes and braking system components all get checked at this point to make sure they are not worn out, leaking, or damaged. The discs will be evaluated for levels of thickness and problems such as cracks. The brake calipers and mounting bolts are checked at 30,000 miles, and a mechanic will inspect the tie-rod ends, gearbox boots, steering linkage, and steering gearbox. The driveshaft boots and boot bands also get checked at 30,000 miles.

60,000-Mile Service

At 60,000 miles, your Honda will be due for some additional services that involve its major components. All fluid levels in the car are inspected at 60,000 miles, including the brake, engine, and transmission fluid. The exhaust system will also be examined, along with the fuel lines and the fuel system's connections. Your car's battery is checked when it reaches 60,000 miles, and the spark plugs will be inspected.

90,000-Mile Service

When your Honda reaches 90,000 miles, it may need to have the timing belt replaced. The brakes will get a visual inspection, and the engine coolant fluid may be due for a change. The exhaust system and catalytic converter are also checked.

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