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How Often Should I Service My Honda Civic?

Honda's commitment to the Honda Civic is evident in its quality and sleek design. To maintain that, you'll need to keep up with your Honda Civic service intervals. Don't underestimate how essential these services are. Your Honda Civic maintenance schedule is ultra important to the smooth functioning of your model. If you don't keep up with its maintenance, you may find a reduced lifespan for your Civic. You can get a full-service schedule via your service manual, but Showcase Honda is happy to provide you with the basics of your Civic's necessary maintenance.

15,000-Mile Service

Inspections are the beginning of a Civic that lasts for decades. At about 15,000 miles, you'll need inspections for your driveshaft boots, steering gearbox, suspension components, and exhaust system. These early inspections can reveal any irregularities in your very young model. Since scheduling with our team is so easy, there's no reason to skip them.

30,000-Mile Service

Your Civic is still running smoothly at 30,000 miles. To keep it that way, you'll potentially need new spark plugs and possible adjustments to your drive belts. Very rarely, the drive belts might need replacement.

60,000-Mile Service

To prevent dirt and other debris from getting in your engine and causing damage, your trusty air cleaner element is installed. At about 60,000 miles, this element might need to be replaced. Our certified auto technicians will visually inspect and then replace if needed. This takes very little time compared to the damage not replacing this element can cause.

75,000-Mile Service

Engine coolant keeps a Civic's radiator from freezing or overheating. It's essential to make sure that your Civic has a new supply. Seventy-five thousand miles is about the right time for some new engine coolant.

90,000-Mile Service

Just like you need coolant for your engine, you also need it for your brakes and transmission. Brake fluid keeps those brakes lubricated and working at top capacity, something that's important to any driver. Your Civic will go far, far beyond 90,000 miles as long as you keep up with these essential replenishments and inspections.

Don't take your Civic for granted. Read through your service manual to become familiar with all service intervals or contact our team for in-depth information. You're also welcome to schedule your next service with our certified auto mechanics.



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