Service for your automobile's battery is just as important as any other routine maintenance you obtain for your Honda. At Showcase Honda, we provide you with plenty of information and resources so you can make sure that your battery is in top shape at all times. If you're not sure what battery service entails or when you should think about replacing your battery, read on to find out more.

Why Do You Need A Honda Battery Service?

Hot weather in the summer can negatively affect your vehicle's battery, and colder weather in the winter can cause your battery to be strained. A new battery isn't cheap, so we encourage you to extend your current battery's life by having our technicians run a diagnostic panel on your battery. This will entail checking the charge currently on your battery; they will determine if your battery can be charged and if it can hold a charge. We can also remove an acid build-up that is present, replace anti-corrosion pads and inspect the connections.

How Long Does a Honda Car Battery Last?

New Car Battery Under the Hood

When you first purchase your Honda from Showcase Honda, you're probably not thinking about when you'll need to replace certain items on your automobile. As the years go on, you'll inevitably need to seek service or replacement. Several factors will determine the life span of your battery. In our area of Phoenix, expect to replace your battery every two to three years. The time frame could be less if you're prone to letting your engine idle a lot, if you don't drive your vehicle for weeks at a time, if your lights are frequently left on overnight, or you have parasitic drains that you're unaware of.

Replacing Your Honda Battery

Fortunately, your battery will typically give you a few warning signs before it completely stops charging or working. If the engine is cranking very slowly, the horn is producing a very weak sound, or acid is leaking out of the battery, it's time to talk to one of our technicians about picking out a new battery.

The next time you are experiencing problems with your car battery, contact Showcase Honda for more information. Certain issues may be fixable, but there may be a need for investing in a new battery. We can help you pick out what you need.


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