2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Exterior

What's New for the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid?

If you're looking for a new feature for the Accord Hybrid this year, you'll find it in the Sports trim. This trim is what you get this year instead of the EX, which was available last year. It has some exciting features.

2022 Accord Hybrid Trims and Features

The standard features for the Accord Hybrid include automatic LED headlights that can turn on and off when needed. They have noise-canceling systems to make sure you have a calm, noise-free ride without needing to worry about normal car sounds. You get two USB ports as well as the Honda Sensing standard safety features. There's an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment option, as well as the basic 4 speaker audio system including Android Auto and CarPlay for Android and Apple, respectively.

The next trim option up is the new Sport trim.

You get some upgrades for the Sport trim, including the 19-inch wheels, for example. You get to upgrade the 4-speaker system to an 8-speaker system. You also get the Qi wireless charging system for your smartphone. The car can even handle SMS text messaging. Plus, you get extra USB ports on top of what you already had with the standard trim. The sports trim also includes the sport pedals, which are easier for you to grip with your feet.

The EX-L trim is next up, and with this level, you get the blind-spot monitoring system, as well as the driver seat memory option. This makes it so that you can save the seat settings for two different drivers.

The Touring level has options like the wipers that activate automatically during rain, the head-up display right underneath the driver's vision, and the changeable suspension. You can focus on a casual ride or on something more serious.

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Interior

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Horsepower

The Honda Accord Hybrid has a horsepower rating of 212. This is after you account for all hybrid systems.

Honda Accord Hybrid Safety

Options for safety you have include the forward-collision warning and auto brake. You also have a system that helps you stay in your lane, as well as adaptive cruise control.

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