Honda Sets Up Exhibit at 28th ITS World Congress 2022  

Honda is pleased to announce its exhibits at the 28th ITS World Congress 2022. The booth will showcase a range of innovative technologies. They will help to improve traffic safety and efficiency on our roads.

The highlights of the exhibits include:

  • The new Honda Sensing Suite of advanced safety features
  • Next-generation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • The new Connected Vehicle Platform

The booth will also showcase the latest developments in autonomous driving technology. It includes self-driving car prototypes.

We believe that the Honda exhibits at the ITS World Congress 2022 will help to show its commitment. Honda wants to improve traffic safety and efficiency for all road users.

Honda Exhibits its New Technology at the 28th ITS World Congress

Honda Motor Co. is a Japanese multinational corporation. It is known as a manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the company has been active since 1948.

The company has a strong presence in North America and Europe and is expanding rapidly in China.

The Honda booth will showcase its developments in driver assist technology. They'll also cover initiatives for realizing carbon neutrality, control technologies, and information communication.

The company has been working on some initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. It includes a shift to low-emitting and electric vehicles. They will show the development of carbon-neutral production processes.

Honda will preview its latest advanced driver assist technologies. It includes systems to help keep the vehicle in its lane, maintain a set speed, and brake in an emergency.

The company will also exhibit its advanced cockpit systems. It provides drivers with real-time information on their vehicle's performance and surroundings.

The ITS World Congress is the largest international conference on intelligent transportation systems. It is held every two years.

It brings together researchers, developers, and users worldwide. They share the latest advances in ITS technology.

Participants present and discuss achievements of ITS technologies for resolving challenges. The conference features several technical sessions. It has panel discussions and exhibits from leading companies in the ITS industry.

The event is for anyone interested in advances in intelligent transportation technology.

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