Summer Maintenance Tips  

You drive a lot more in the summer when you take road trips and day trips exploring new locations, and it can be easy to spend time on the road because you won't encounter harsh weather conditions. You still need to prepare by getting your car ready for long-distance driving to avoid damage or repairs. Our dealership in Phoenix can help you stay safe and have a reliable vehicle when you bring it in for service. There are a few maintenance tips to follow before using your car to travel this season.

Rotate Your Tires

When you add many miles to your car in the summer, it can cause your tires to take a beating. Rotating the tires will allow the tread to wear off evenly instead of only one or two tires. A technician can check to see if the tread has worn off enough that the tires need to be replaced. You'll also want to check the tire pressure level to get an idea of how much air the tires need. This will help your car have better fuel efficiency while driving hundreds to thousands of miles.

Check the Battery

Give your car battery attention by testing it to see how much longer it'll last. You don't want to turn the key in the ignition to find it's died when you're in the middle of nowhere on your summer road trip. You'll also want to look for any corrosion, which is a sign the battery won't last much longer.

Change the Oil

The oil in your engine may be dirty and low, making it necessary to change it out to ensure the car operates reliably. New oil will help the parts have better lubrication to ensure all the components run smoothly without any friction, which often leads to premature wear.

Add More Fluid

Topping off the fluids is key to keeping your car in working order before you head out on a trip. The fluids can evaporate because of the heat, making it necessary to add more windshield wiper fluid, transmission fluid, and even steering fluid. The coolant is the most vital fluid to replace because it's responsible for keeping everything under the hood cool to prevent your vehicle from overheating.

You can contact our service department today to schedule your summer maintenance. We'll improve the operation of your car and get it ready for your upcoming trips.