At Showcase Honda, we think it is important for drivers to maintain a dependable car or truck. Your vehicle was designed to provide years of reliable service, but in order to do that, it must be given regular maintenance. Here are three things you can do to keep your car in top shape.

Don't Skip Routine Service

Regular oil changes and tire rotations are vital to the health of a vehicle. Unfortunately, many drivers overlook these services and put them off. Doing that can put the dependability of your car or truck at risk.

Most manufacturers recommend changing the oil in a vehicle every 5,000 miles. Oil tends to break down over time, putting your engine under strain. Tires should be rotated on the same schedule to prevent uneven wear. Most tire manufacturers require tire rotations to keep tire warranties in effect.

Handle Maintenance Issues Quickly

There is never a good time for a maintenance problem, but cars occasionally require repair. The important thing is taking care of a needed repair before it contributes to a larger problem.

Many minor car issues can be fixed at a reasonable cost. When those minor issues become major problems, the cost of repair can escalate. It may be inconvenient, but immediate repair for your car's problems is always the best practice.

Have a Multi-Point Inspection for Your Car

Honda CR-V

A multi-point inspection is a good idea if you accept the idea of preventative maintenance. Your service center can perform these inspections, and they usually take a couple of hours to complete.

In a multi-point inspection, your car will be examined by service professionals. They will determine the overall health of your vehicle, and they will alert you to any areas that need repair.

We want to invite you to call or visit Showcase Honda to schedule maintenance or service for your car or truck. Our friendly team can assist you with quality service done by certified professionals.