Can you Turn Off Honda Lane Assist?

Honda Lane Assist

Lane Assist Technologies

Honda is a major automaker and continues to make genuine strides forward in advanced safety features (namely, driver-assist features). Lane Assist systems have been all the rage in the last few years. They address one of the major problems on the road, both city roads and highway roads: How do you keep your vehicle in its own lane? When a driver has been driving for a long time, or they're distracted, they can sometimes drift into another lane or even intentionally change lanes without signaling or paying any attention to the drivers on the road with them. Honda decided to address this common driving error by implementing Lake Keep Assist Systems in select Honda models. The mission of these systems is twofold: (1) The Lane Keep Assist system will monitor the current driving lane and let the driver know if they are drifting out of the lane, and (2) The system will alert the driver if they begin to change lanes without signaling (Lane Departure Warning, a handy feature). Some drivers don't always want these features implemented, though.

Can You Turn Off Honda Lane Assist?

For drivers who don't want to use their Lane Assist features, it's easy to turn it off and drive the old-fashioned way: By paying attention. Granted, it's not always advisable to turn this feature off, and for the most part, in most situations, it's going to prevent accidents. If you insist on turning it off, though, Honda makes it a snap.

How To Turn Lane Assist Off

You'll need to make sure that your vehicle is on. The menu for this is going to be under MAIN on your Honda steering wheel. Press MAIN. From there, you'll need to click on LKAS on your steering wheel. If the system is on, clicking LKAS will turn the system off; likewise, if the system is off, clicking LKAS will turn the system off for you. It's as simple as clicking on a button on your steering wheel to turn the Lane Assist feature off! Now, Honda makes it easy to turn back on as well, because for most folks, turning off the Lane Assist isn't going to be a smart thing to do. Only in select driving situations will it be more convenient to turn off Lane Assist. If you feel like you must, though, it's nice to know that all you have to do is click a couple of buttons on your steering wheel, and you've accomplished your mission.

Learn More About LKAS

If you're just now hearing about Lane Assist, you're not alone. Many people own an older model of Honda that doesn't have Lane Assist available. If you'd like to upgrade to a model that features Lane Assist, our dealership makes it easy to go out for a test drive and see just how Lane Assist helps you while you're driving out there on the road. It's one thing to read about Lane Assist, but it's an entirely different matter to actually get there on the road and see how much it helps you as a driver. Driver-assist features are on many recent models of Honda, but going forward, even economy models are going to have Lane Assist. Contact us today to learn more about this feature.